Anime Princess Audrey 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

5 posters


Reference Library (Velazquez, Bas Jan Ader, The Cleaning of Paintings, Shoulder to Shoulder: A Documentary History of the Militant Suffragettes and The Dialectic of Sex)

2015, 5 books

Rokeby Venus, repetition of Rokeby Venus by Diego Velázquez

2015, digital print

Broken Fall by Bas Jan Ader, repetition of Broken Fall by Bas Jan Ader

2015, digital print

Study of Female Idealization, or Study of Female Injury

2015, print on vinyl tarp

Her Entire Body is a Concealed Weapon

2015, 300 take away stickers

Objects or Themselves

2015, video, 20'03''